Erasable Watercolor Boards

Create without limits.


The FULLY ERASABLE Encore Watermedia board is the first of its kind and will completely change the way you watercolor. You can fully erase watercolor paint & pigments with a swipe of a damp microfiber cloth. There’s nothing quite like it. Say good-bye to the fear of making mistakes and say hello to the freedom to create.

Just Paint!

The transparent qualities of watercolor create a unique freshness and luminosity that simply can’t be duplicated in other mediums, but they can also make painting in watercolors difficult, unforgiving and unpredictable. There’s little room for error and it’s difficult to layer over mistakes and sketch lines without overworking your painting. Encore Erasable WaterMedia Art Boards are designed to make watercolor painting easier, more forgiving and more pleasurable for everyone. Spend more time painting and less time covering up mistakes and sketch lines.  

Benefits of the Encore WaterMedia Board

Freedom From Frustration

You can’t improve without practice and making mistakes is part of the learning process. Making mistakes on traditional watercolor paper means starting over, but Encore WaterMedia Art Boards let you learn from your mistakes without having to start over. Simply erase the mistake and try again. Encore offers an exceptional solution to the frustrating problem of not being able to finish paintings or to fix mistakes. Because it is completely erasable, Encore enables the artist to try different styles and techniques without having to destroy the painting or waste paper.  

No More “Saving the White”  

Because conventional watercolor paper cannot be erased, painting requires the artist to decide in advance where all of the “white” in the painting goes. Encore is completely erasable back to white and requires little up-front planning. With Encore, the “plan” always works.  

Confidently Complete Every Painting 

Artists want to freely express their creativity without fear. They want easy, simple, fast, and successful completion of their work without fear and frustration of making mistakes. With Encore, every painting is a completed painting! Keep the ones you like... and erase the ones you don’t. Welcome to the new world of WaterMedia!